Outdoor advertisement options have traditionally been limited to three main types: rail and bus-stop ads, advertisements on the buses themselves, and billboards. The signs and posters that adorn rail platforms and the walls of bus stop shelters are consistently successful because they are guaranteed to be seen by consumers. The limiting factor is that those consumers are commuters, so businesses advertising on rail and bus stop signs need to take into consideration the demographics of the people who use trains and buses as their main mode of transportation. It can be a diverse cross-section of the community, but not everyone takes trains or buses, so it is a form of outdoor advertisement that has its limits.

Different Types of Outdoor Advertisement

Buses as outdoor advertisement are less limited because they are mobile. An ad plastered on the side of a bus will travel around a city to be seen by everyone it passes. That alone increases the diversity of people who are exposed to the ad, and the success of that specific type of advertising is why people around the country are having their cars wrapped in ads. Whether it is for a business they own, or a business pays them to display the ad on their car, the result is the same: the ad is mobile whenever the car is driven around town.

Outdoor Advertisement

There is a reason, however, that billboards are one of the oldest forms of outdoor advertising still being used today. They can be strategically located in high-traffic areas so a diverse range of people see the message every day–and the longer the message is on the billboard, the more chance there is of more and different people seeing it. Plus, today’s LED billboards are even better at getting noticed than their old-school painted counterparts. Contact LED Sign Supply today to find out how a digital billboard can improve your marketing efforts.

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