Led Sign Supply is one of the leading manufacturers of led signage in North America – and it’s not a coincidence. We are home to some of the lowest billboard advertising prices in the business, without having to sacrifice quality or industry standards. We have helped countless companies, from small businesses just starting out to established larger companies expand their businesses and increase revenue!

Marketing and branding has never before been so important for a thriving business. Despite having a quality, worthwhile product or service, your company will fail to succeed if your clientele never gets the message. Effective, strategic led signage, including outdoor billboards and message boards are key to branding yourself and creating buzz surrounding your company.

Billboard Advertising Prices

Led Sign Supply has 10 years in business helping companies find the most effective modes of advertising and marketing. We have personal relationships with each client and truly listen to your company’s unique goals and vision. Using our experience, we help you find signage that is going to take your company where you need it to go. In fact, we train each client on how to operate our led signs and provide extended lifetime tech support for no additional cost. Additionally, Led Sign Supply billboard advertising prices cannot be beat!

Billboard Advertising Prices and the Effective Means of Advertising

Why are billboard led signs one of the most effective means of advertising? It’s all about exposure and familiarity. If clients drive past the same led billboard sign everyday on their commute, they become comfortable with your company’s brand. Familiarity and a sense of trust is established. A led billboard sign can catch an individual’s attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While some companies have begun to invest in social media marketing and other outlets, the traditional billboard will never cease to be effective.

Too many companies, especially smaller companies just starting out, rule out the idea of advertising with a billboard because they assume billboard advertising prices will be astronomical. Led Sign Supply prides itself in providing affordable options and one of the top rated billboard advertising companies in the USA and Canada.