Digital billboards for advertising have come a long way from the early days of manufacturers’ and merchants’ attempts to influence buyers. Initially advertisements were simple lists of goods that merchants had on hand. According to History Matters, advertising appeals were often plain and simple, never wider than one newspaper or magazine column, never including pictures or illustrations, much like want-ads in today’s newspapers. The 1880s were the turning point in time when advertising started to change into the influential business it has become known for, yet continual innovation and new opportunities in technology means that advertising’s evolution is far from complete.

Digital Billboards for Advertising

Mashable gives an impressive 60 second history of advertising, pointing out the astonishing changes that have occurred in the industry in just the last decade. Of course social platforms are given their due technology is the element that has driven the transformation and made things like digital billboards for advertising not only possible but commonplace. Merchants from 1800s America couldn’t have even conceived of the idea of massive signage that displayed a message that was not only full color, but also animated and rich with graphics. Yet today, consumers can scarcely drive across any town without seeing three or more digital billboards along the way.

Digital Billboards for Advertising – The Best Way to Spread the Word

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