You’re clear on God’s message but communicating that message to the people in your community can be a tough challenge to tackle. While churches are strong in regards to praise and worship, many lack direction in their marketing strategy. If you are struggling to attract members to your church and get the word out about your church events and services, digital church signs will make your life easier. Effective, affordable, and easy, a digital church sign can be one of the best investments you will make, allowing you to easily swap messages in and out on a daily basis to keep up with your dynamic congregation.

One question on the minds of churches looking to invest in a led sign is longevity and quality.

 There’s no doubt that signs attract attention but will they stand the test of time?

Our electronic billboards and signage are built to outlast even the harshest winter weather and blazing summer sun. The craftsmanship of each sign is superior, made with cutting edge technology to keep pollutants out, allowing boards to remain bright and vibrant for years. LED Sign Supply has helped numerous churches find led signage that has helped them effectively build their name and advertise among the community with little to no effort on the part of the church. You no longer have to hang posters, go door-to-door, strategically set up recruiting booths and tables, when you can rely on the effectiveness of digital church signs that promote your message.


The best part of using a digital church sign as part of your marketing strategy is that it allows you to stay in control of your message.

 Boards can be easily programmed with a new message as often as you’d like.

Feel free to swap in a scripture verse, the title and time of your upcoming sermons, exciting announcements, and recognize staff within your organization. Controlling your narrative is one of the most empowering aspects of using a electronic church sign in your marketing efforts. LED Sign Supply can help you find the right digital sign that will help you achieve your goals with minimal effort.